Thursday, July 1, 2010

Rhapsody Rotorua.


Yesterday afternoon our schools years 4-6 travelled to the energy events centre to watch the concert of rhapsody Rotorua. We meet at the field and made our way to the buses that can to pick us up. The classes were counted onto the buses. As we travelled to the events centre we talked with our friends, we sang, we giggled. Until finally we were there. We got off the buses and waved goodbye to our drivers. Then we went into the venue for the concert and settled into our seats. The concert was about to start. The lights were dim the tension rising and hen the violins stared playing, the drums started drumming the concert had begun!!!! We sat our way through the excellent orchestras, my favourite was Katikati college. We then came to the vocals. St Stephens college all the way through. They were a bit pitchy not the best. Didn't really like it. Next we had and all girls school in just a string orchestra. Nice and soft. St Stephens was here again. This time it was the girls coral. Better than the mixed voices but still a bit pitchy. We sat through that as well. Time to go back to school. I liked the concert although it could have been better. I would give the concert 3/5.

By Rita Shasha.

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