Thursday, July 29, 2010

Henry(Eamon's project)

When I created the digestive system I learnt the names of the main organs that involved in the digestive process.

My class named my creation Henry.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Today we had two scientists from Scion come into our class, there names were Mr Dunningham and Miss Martin. They showed us some experiments. This picture is a picture of a clamp stand, a clamp stand is one of the tools they used. One of the experiments they showed us was that the beaker (the beaker is the thing being held by the clamp) was turning black by the flames. We learnt a lot today and we enjoyed watching the experiments.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


This week our class did a dotplot activity ,when we had to record how long the students in pur class could go with out blinking. With this information we made dotplots with statments


Science Homework!

For the next six weeks all the senior classes will be doing science tasks, in preparation for the Science Fair. We have to do at least eight tasks over six weeks. The activities that we chose are really exciting and I think we are going to have so much fun! Some examples of the things we have to do are:

  • Make a working volcano!

  • Draw a detailed picture of an animal in it's own environment, also include a predator, food source, and your animal of choice in a food chain.

  • Construct a colour wheel displaying the primary and secondary colours

As you can see the activities are really exciting! I am sure we will have an awesome time completing this homework!

By Anna P.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Printing Press

This week in room1 we had to complete a task about the printing press, we had to find the history and impact on the world when the printing press was invented in 1447. Here in room one we had some pretty out of mars ways of showing our findings. Some people went the fancy way and used card and colour while others just went with the pen and paper. In room 1 we also found it really cool to do this project not only did we learn some pretty cool facts but we had fun doing it!!!!! Our class done some pretty intense learning while we were researching or facts and information. The printing press project was an excellent choice of project. GO MRS SMALLBONE!! ;) The printing press was an awesome project but sometimes we got confused!!! Like some websites say it was invented in 1440 but some say it was 1445! But we didn't mind. We took an awesome photo that you should check out as well!

Read our next blog!

By: Rita Shasha and Zara Mortimer.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Rhapsody Rotorua.


Yesterday afternoon our schools years 4-6 travelled to the energy events centre to watch the concert of rhapsody Rotorua. We meet at the field and made our way to the buses that can to pick us up. The classes were counted onto the buses. As we travelled to the events centre we talked with our friends, we sang, we giggled. Until finally we were there. We got off the buses and waved goodbye to our drivers. Then we went into the venue for the concert and settled into our seats. The concert was about to start. The lights were dim the tension rising and hen the violins stared playing, the drums started drumming the concert had begun!!!! We sat our way through the excellent orchestras, my favourite was Katikati college. We then came to the vocals. St Stephens college all the way through. They were a bit pitchy not the best. Didn't really like it. Next we had and all girls school in just a string orchestra. Nice and soft. St Stephens was here again. This time it was the girls coral. Better than the mixed voices but still a bit pitchy. We sat through that as well. Time to go back to school. I liked the concert although it could have been better. I would give the concert 3/5.

By Rita Shasha.

Knox School Concert

This week Knox school from western Australia came to preform at St Mary's they entertained us with their band that played a wide range of selections of musical instruments such as the electric keyboard, trombone, flute, drum and much much more. They also had a awesome choir that sung some cool songs like "mamma i'm a big girl now" from Hair Spray. They also invited us to another concert preformed by schools all over Australia and New Zealand. We took the invitation it was on a Friday and we were transported by 4 huge buses. It was a good concert but nothing compared to Knox schools plus the choir was a bit pitchy here and there!!!


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