Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Printing Press

This week in room1 we had to complete a task about the printing press, we had to find the history and impact on the world when the printing press was invented in 1447. Here in room one we had some pretty out of mars ways of showing our findings. Some people went the fancy way and used card and colour while others just went with the pen and paper. In room 1 we also found it really cool to do this project not only did we learn some pretty cool facts but we had fun doing it!!!!! Our class done some pretty intense learning while we were researching or facts and information. The printing press project was an excellent choice of project. GO MRS SMALLBONE!! ;) The printing press was an awesome project but sometimes we got confused!!! Like some websites say it was invented in 1440 but some say it was 1445! But we didn't mind. We took an awesome photo that you should check out as well!

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By: Rita Shasha and Zara Mortimer.

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