Monday, February 20, 2012

Budgie Escape Artist!!

Today started like any other day, Mrs Smallbone arrived and was getting ready for the day...when suddenly she realised that Harriet the Budgie was sitting on top of her cage...not inside it!
There was a bit of "Budgie chasing" and Mr Volshank was summoned to help. With one flap of the blanket he had Harriet captured and back behind bars.
Harriet has been asleep for a lot of the day, quite worn out from her adventure.
Mr Beckham the caretaker came and rewired a loose bar on her cage where we think she slipped out from...maybe she has another secret life after dark...


  1. What a clever girl. Maybe her name should be Houdini

  2. What a clever bird!! How did she escape?

  3. how did she escape!!!

  4. That was strange..... I wonder how she escaped? Hmmmm..... maybe Forest left her a note, telling her how to escape? I wonder if she kept escaping in the pet shop?