Thursday, November 24, 2011

Dick Frizzell...NZ Artist

In Room One we have been exploring Messages through Art. We have focused on the art of Dick Frizzell, a very talented NZ artist. We made a presentation using Googledocs...this was the first time we had done this! When we have been looking at our presentation we can see parts we could improve or develop for next time. These are our Next steps in learning, and we have quite good at identifying these this year. Have a look at our presentation, if your class has done something like this we would love to see it to help give us some more ideas!

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  1. Group 404 really liked all of your slides! We enjoyed seeing the whole presentation, Dick Frizzell is interesting. We especially enjoyed Mickey to Tiki. Most of our class had never heard of this artist before, but we are glad we know about him now. His style of painting is really interesting!

    Our class really liked how you put the presentation together. We really liked the cool facts you included and enjoyed seeing the interviews with him and how he discussed his inspiration for his paintings!

    Well done Room 1!

    -Charles' current hosts